Should you Buy the Klipsch Gallery G17 AirPlay Speaker?

 The new Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air AirPlay® Speakers are not inexpensive at $549 each, but then nothing from Klipsch is inexpensive. They are however AirPlay compatible allowing you to stream music directly from your iPhone, iPod touch without the need for a separate amplifier.

The soundbar shaped speaker is made of  high density resin cabinet and finished in a  piano black, high gloss luster and mounts vertically or horizontally on a wall.
You can also set it on a table or counter on the  dark tempered glass  base.

The following specs are from the Klipsch website:

  • DIMENSIONS: Without Base: 6″ H x 16 7/8″ W x 3.5″ D
    With Base: 7″ H x 16.87″ W x 4″ D
  • ENCLOSURE TYPE: Bass-reflex
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 57Hz – 23kHz +/- 3dB / usable bass to 47 Hz (f10)
  • HIGH FREQUENCY DRIVER: 0.75″ (1.9 cm) Aluminum diaphragm compression driver mated to 90° x 90° square Tractrix Horn.

Given its size it is hard to imagine just hom much bass you’d get. Typically Klipsch iPod products produce farily decent bass as has been witnessed by this writer in previously owned iPod docks. Your personal opinion on how much bass is enough may vary.

As is typical Klipsch includes horn loaded tweeters. I’ve never been overly fond of these in their larger speakers but they often sound pretty good in these smaller incarnations.

The unit gets some pretty good reviews on Amazon, 4 stars but please note that it does have some problems with iPhone 4S streaming. You can pick one up on Amazon or check out the user reviews there.

User review from Amazon  – Nice product, but won’t replace a full-sized stereo system.
Disclaimer!! Audio “quality” is ultimately a subjective notion that depends greatly on personal taste, room characteristics and recording quality, among other things. While this review represents my own experience with the G17, prospective buyers would be wise to test this system in person, with their own music, before drawing any definite conclusions.

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