Recommended AirPlay Reciever for Under $400

So for full disclosure, I did work for Denon in a past life. I’ve also owned some Pioneer receivers. We’re approaching the time of year when receivers go on sale and this year is no different. The first salvo comes in the form of the Pioneer VSX-1021-K 7.1 Home Theater Receiver  selling for $399 (normally $549)  on Amazon. This receiver really rocks. In addition to having AirPlay it boasts a very easy to use interface and DLNA, which the Denon receivers do not have. The app for the Pioneer also works much better than the current Denon app, which is very challenged. Please note that there are some third party apps you can get for the Denon that blow away almost all other remote apps for as little as  $5. But they don’t come with the receiver.


The Pioneer also has setup videos and other very sophisticated setup tools in their iPhone and iPad apps that the Denon just cannot compete with. At $499, it’s a steal.

Check out the videos on Amazon that highlight some of the cool feature of this receiver.

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