Onkyo AirPlay Home Theater Receivers

Onkyo has 4 receivers in their regular line that are AirPlay compatible. All are well worth considering. In audiophile circles these are often considered a notch below the Denon receivers however, what they may every so slightly lack in sound they make up for in ease of use. In general, most folks well never hear the difference, really. But you will notice the difference in the day to day use of product. Especially in user interface with AirPlay. We left off the last receiver in the line in this chart because it does not have wireless capability.

How to choose an Onkyo AirPlay compatible Receiver

First and foremost you should almost NEVER purchase a receiver based upon the stated wattage. The difference between the wattage here are tiny. The main reason to choose one receiver over another form most brands, including Onkyo is the number and configuration of hte Zones. In simple terms this means how many different sources (CD, Radio, Internet) you can play back at one time.

Zones in Onkyo AirPlay Compatible Recievers

For instance the NR616 offers the most flexible solution with two zones that are powered and one that is a line out, meaning you’ll need another amp to power it. The NR515 only had 2 zones but you can use a line out for the second zone if you’d like. The NR414 however only offers one powered zone, meaning you’d need a separate amplifier to play music through the second zone.

Our choice would be the NR515.

Power Output (per channel)
115 W
100 W
80 W
Apple AirPlay
THX Certified
Select2 Plus
3D-ready: HDMI In/Out
Surround Sound Formats
Audyssey DSX,
Dolby Pro Logic IIz, Dolby TueHD,
DTS-HD Master Audio
Dolby Pro Logic IIz, Dolby TueHD,
DTS-HD Master Audio
Dolby TueHD,
DTS-HD Master Audio
Audyssey Room Calibration
Cloud Audio Streaming
Internet Radio
Remote App for iPhone /
Android / Kindle Fire
Video Upconversion (Analog to HDMI)
InstaPrevue Technology
Multi-Zone Playback
Powered Zone 2, Zone 2/3 Line Outs
Powered Zone 2, Zone 2 Line Out
Zone 2 Line Out
Hybrid Standby Energy Saving State
On-Screen Display via HDMI
USB Ports
2 (Front/Rear)
2 (Front/Rear)
1 (Front)
Wireless Ready

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