Logitech AirpPlay Speaker – Shinny & Big – Nice!

Logitech UE Air SpeakerLogitech has jumped into the AirPlay compatible speaker fray. As is common in AirPlay speakers it is a bit on the expensive side. One does have to wonder why prices for this category of speaker are so high. For the most part most AirPlay compatible docks are fairly standard run of the mill type speaker docks. The big difference is that you can use AirPlay to stream music directly from you iPhone or iPod touch to the speaker, bypassing using the dock or an external amplifier. This is convenient if you’re moving around the house with your phone but hardly necessary if you have a touch for example, that you can afford to have docked in the speaker. In general these speakers don’t sound any better or worse than other iPod docks, they just usually cost more.

It’s Not AirPlay Driving Prices

Apple does charge a manufacturer money to include the AirPlay technology, but it is typically around $4 per unit or so. This makes it hard to see why so many AirPlay compatible speakers charge such a premium. I’m sure part of it is caching in on the Apple brand mystique and some is getting what the market will bear.

If you don’t need to be further away than 30 feet from your speakers, then consider using a bluetooth speaker which is usually cheaper or the dock on the unit if it has one.

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