Klipsch Gallery G-17 AirPaly Compatible Speaker Bar, Is it for you?

Here is what CNET has to say about the new Klipsch Gallery G-17 AirPlay compatible speaker. $549 USD

Review: Klipsch Gallery G-17 AirThe Gallery G-17 Air looks very similar to the other speakers in Klipsch’s Gallery range of speakers. It’s made of glossy black plastic, has two 2.5-inch mid/bass drivers and two 0.75-inch aluminum horn tweeters. There isn’t a dedicated bass driver (which makes these two-way speakers) and the unit is quite small, measuring about 43cm across and just 10.2cm deep, making it more compact than popular AirPlay speakers such as the Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air and iHome IW1. However, it is still pretty hefty thanks to a solid glass stand and possibly larger magnets required for the long-throw full-range drivers.

I love speaker reviews from CNET. In fact I like them from almost anywhere. Having been the GM for The Speaker Company, (now defunct) I actually know what goes into design and pricing decisions. Seldom do the reviews even remotely “get it”. Combine that with the subjectivity of review how a speaker sounds or looks and you get a “kind of” idea as to whether or not you’re going to like the product. With that, CNET says the speaker is warm and detailed but lacks any substantial bass. They say this speaker won’t stand out in your decor. I don’t know, this looks kind of “look at me, I’m a speaker” kind of design. I’m betting the solid glass stand added quite a bit to the price of this puppy.

As is expected from Klipsch, the tweeters are “hornish” in nature, and with only 2 2.5 mid/bass drivers it’s doubtful there is much bass to speak of.

That said, while at the Speaker Company we did base our IDV1 speaker dock on a Klipsch product that did produce some decent bass from a pair of 3″ speakers with tweeters.

Though you can likely get an AirPlay speaker for less that will sound as good if not almost as good, Having the Klipsch will at least give you some bragging rights.

I should note that as of this writing, 8 customers gave this unit 4 stars on Amazon where it is available with Prime free shipping at $549.

Buy the Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air AirPlay Speakers (High Gloss Black)

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