Google’s Nexus Q – AirPlay & Apple TV competitor?

Back of Nexus Q. The front is solid black orbAirPlay landed with a splash and continues to dominate the in-home streaming discussion despite bluetooth having been around for much longer. There have been speakers and docks but as for well designed audio amplifiers that allow you to BYOS (bring your own speakers), there has been no one. Enter Google and the Nexus Q.

This little deivce has an Apple like design quality without the white. It’s a simple design,streams audio and video via bluetooth and can power a modest pair of speakers of YOUR choice. The great thing here is there are many great sounding speakers out there you can hook up to this deivce. Don’t want to hook up speakers? No problem. Just hook it up to your current audio setup and you’re good to go.

Ease of Use

The key factor is except for the simple dial the top of the unit acts as, the entire experience is controled from your android device, your phone or tablet. At $299 it’s a bit pricy but still a good deal given the simplicity and incredible design. See it here.

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