When Will We See an AirPlay Compatible TV?

Sharp Internet TV AirPlay certainly has the ability to send video signals, or at least there is nothing technical that’s stopping it. So why are there not AirPlay compatible TV’s?

Apple TV

Apple would be nuts to give TV manufacturers access to AirPlay with video while they are still making money off or Apple TV. Right now if you want to get your iTunes video library to your TV, Apple TV is still your best bet.  Apple is great at figuring out just how far it has to go until it has to share technology with others. It’s the moment their accountants tell them they are no longer making enough profit on a product.

DLNA instead of AirPlay for Televisions

Although Apple won’t let you stream directly to your TV using AirPlay unless you go through an Apple TV, there are many TV’s that through DLNA, will let you do just that.

The three major manufacturers that support DLNA, according to their site are Samsung, Toshiba and Sharp. Below I list links to the products that support WiFi connectivity to their compatible sets, since most folks don’t have Ethernet sitting next to their televisions.

Samsung Flat Screen TV’s with built in WiFi and DLNA Support

Toshiba WiFi enabled Internet TV with DLNA

Sharp TV’s with WiFI and DLNA Support