AirPlay for Android

Looks like Android devices are getting access to AirPlay. A new app from Eyecon Resources allows Android devices the ability to access AirPlay as well as DLNA devices. Though DLNA is fine for most folks, this allows users to have the brain dead ease of use they get with AirPlay. Plus, you can use AirPlay speakers if they suit your fancy more than DLNA speakers. Ah, given that I don’t know of any DLNA speakers, this is a good thing for Android users. Bravo Eyecon.

iHome iW1 Portable AirPlay Speaker System

This is one of the best designs for battery powered speakers I’ve seen to date. No need to plug or unplug the unit. Nice, clean and simple design and at $299 rests in the sweet spot price wise.

Given that Bose has decided to skip AirPlay (bad idea) for their own system, this new iHome unit may just fit the bill for an iOS household.

What you get:

  • iOS app to control the unit
  • True Wireless Capability
  • Treble and Bass Controls (Yeah!)
  • A charging base that sits under the unit, lift and go

Check out the video here. Visit the website



Best AirPlay & DLNA Music Systems?

Pioneer announced two new portable music systems complete with speakers, front USB, iPod compatibility, bluetooth (with adapter), 2 Channel Digital amp, a 2.5″ color screen for meta data and song information and art, and of course AirPlay compatibility. OK, this looks like a winner, especially since they launched this under their high-end

Big 2.5" Screen puts this above the competition

Elite brand.

The X-SMC4-K and the X-SMC3-S.

LotsĀ  of other features listed below, but oddly, no mention of the speaker specs. Pricing is around $399 (SMC3) and $499.

With AirPlay, DLNA 1.5, Pandora, the popular iHeartRadio and multiroom MusicTap system which uses your homes electrical wiring, this may be a hot holiday gift.

We love it. 5 Starts for innovation.